Onshore delivery, competitive costs

Your projects can have superior results at competitive rates with our Collaborative Domestic Solution Center (CDSC).  The CDSC provides a unique delivery model where skilled IT resources in the rural U.S. are deployed together with traditional onsite IT consultants. By leveraging our proprietary accelerator tools, we can ramp up projects within hours or days that ordinarily could take weeks of coding.

By utilizing experienced U.S.-based IT professionals, the CDSC can provide significant advantages including in-depth understanding of your business, close communication, ongoing collaboration, speed-to-market, and most critically, controlling costs.

Located in Wausau, WI, the CDSC is within 1-2 time zones from any continental U.S. location and can effectively support your projects that require tight collaboration, immediate communication, sensitive timelines, and superior quality—all of which are difficult to accomplish in offshore environments, or even with companies themselves.

The CDSC can support your initiatives with the following services:
  • Business intelligence, Trend Analysis, and Reporting
  • Data collection, transformation, and integration
  • Software development, repair, enhancement, and integration
  • Software testing, review, improvement, and automation
  • Performance engineering
  • Managed Services, maintenance, ticket management


How can the CDSC support your next project?

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