C2 Solution Accelerators: Proven, tangible, reusable assets that improve speed, quality and costs of your technology solution

A successful technology implementation isn’t one that just delivers on the vision: the best start faster, have shorter development cycles, use formal tools to ensure quality, rely on proven frameworks and methods, and are empowered by years of collective experience. They accelerate time to market, reduce project risk, all while driving cost savings. It’s the pragmatic approach of getting things done faster, better and more efficiently.

Collaborative brings our C2 Solution AcceleratorsSM to every engagement. Built over years and hundreds of successful projects, C2 Solution Accelerators are proven, tangible, reusable assets such as methodologies, tools and frameworks; that enable us to quickly deploy already-working approaches and bodies of code to accelerate solution development. Our projects never start from scratch, but instead begin with proven, repeatable approaches, working foundations and modular components that enable us to create real business value and functionality at accelerated timeframes. They work: we’ve consistently seen up to 30% improvements on key metrics such as startup time, project duration, and project costs. After the initial project, our accelerators continue to deliver an average of up to 10% improvements on an ongoing basis.

There are three categories of C2 Solution Accelerators in our portfolio that bring instant, repeatable value to our clients:


Methodologies: We have completed most aspects of most projects in our vast experience working on countless technology projects. Through this, we’ve codified the best practices into a formal record of work steps, inputs, milestones, expected outputs, resource requirements and project metrics. These come together to form proven and reusable methodologies, so that we are never approaching problems without precisely knowing what work will be done at every step of the project.

Toolkits: Having developed hundreds of applications and solutions, we’ve built many of the sub-components that are common to many different applications. Over time, these pieces of real code have been perfected and cataloged for future reuse. The toolkits are bits of pre-made functionality that can be plugged in and customized to an application without having to build them from scratch.

Frameworks: We have developed complete application foundations of architecture and code, so that we start with a working platform and never start having to build foundation solutions from scratch. This enables us to quickly start with a pre-coded, tested and working backbone of the application and immediately begin building functionality that has tangible business value.

For example, Collaborative’s hallmark M3 Frameworks are code-based assets designed to accelerate time-to-business value for digital solutions. M3, which is short for “Many Devices, Many Services, Many Sources” is an application architecture driven by best practices required to deliver rapid results while still achieving high quality and long-term flexibility.

Collaborative’s M3 Frameworks accelerate delivery of digital solutions by an average of up to 30% by providing a pre-coded starting point for new solutions and a set of toolkits and extensions, both designed to address typical requirements of most of today’s applications. Each framework is optimized for its respective technology stack and designed to take advantage of native tools and technologies, while still simplifying development and encouraging consistency and quality.

Each M3 Framework is based on a specific technology stack. Currently, Collaborative supports two server platforms: Microsoft .NET and JavaEE. Both of these frameworks provide core features such as:

  • Web Authentication via common protocols such as OAuth and Active Directory, plus a standalone user store if the new application is the primary source for user information
  • Role Based Authorization including single and multi-tenant configurations
  • Common development standards defined for each platform
  • Standard logging, exception handling and other practices
  • Support for multiple databases including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL
  • A constantly growing set of extensions
  • Batch processing
  • Asynchronous processing
  • Email templating and sending
  • Caching
  • PDF Generation

M3 UI is an HTML/CSS-based user interface framework designed to accelerate rapid prototyping and creation of responsive web user interfaces. M3 UI reduces throwaway assets by creating best practice HTML and CSS nearly as fast as visual prototype tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Axure RP, except instead of recoding the page, the M3 UI code can be handed directly to a developer,  skipping a step and accelerating the development process. M3 UI is based on a combination of leading open source UI frameworks which makes it more familiar to developers.

All M3 Frameworks are fed both by the ideas of our consultants and their real-life experience delivering client projects. This ensures the M3 frameworks continue to grow and evolve to meet our client’s needs over time and will continue to accelerate solution after solution.

Let us show you

We believe our store of hardened, working assets drive tremendous value and advantages to our engagements. We want to show them to you. We’ll give you a tour of our proprietary C2 Solution Accelerator portal and show you these methodologies, toolkits, and frameworks in action. You’ll quickly see that Collaborative Consulting doesn’t just bring consultants, we also bring real, pragmatic technology.

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