Innovation and Improvement for State Governments

Today, more than ever, exciting opportunities abound for state governments eager to improve their operations. As citizens move more and more aspects of their lives to digital platforms, swiping and clicking into streamlined digital experiences, they increasingly expect the same from their government. At the same time, government seeks to make use of the valuable information collected as part of every aspect of supporting their citizens to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve the way they interact with citizens. As new legislation and new constituent demands add new complexity, agencies are looking to technology to aid in make everything simpler, faster, secure and more cost effective.

Collaborative Consulting knows. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping various agencies, including labor, education and transportation, become more efficient and provide innovative services to its constituents by leveraging digital technology and information. Over the years, we’ve supported modernization efforts, built flexibility to handle legislative changes, helped develop and optimize business processes, enable self-service, and created opportunities for transparent sharing of information with citizens.

Our collective efforts can be categorized in two major areas, both supported by digital technology and data and analytics:

As more and more of our daily lives are enhanced with digital experiences, so should our interactions with government. User-centric digital platforms can make government experiences streamlined and more efficient for government operations. Collaborative has aided numerous agencies with modernization efforts that allow government to deliver services to its constituents in a manner that is consistent with today’s expectations.  Expectations that include self-service, trusted security, accuracy and transparency all while reducing the total costs.

Operational efficiencies

Operational-Efficiencies-GraphicTo best serve constituents and citizens, government must be the smartest and most effective user of entrusted public funds. By finding opportunities for operational efficiencies—be it in information processing, core administrative processes, cost take-out initiatives, automation—state government can do more for their citizens and do it faster and more effectively. Smart government is efficient government.

Both modernization and operational efficiencies rely on effectively using one of government’s greatest assets: data. Collaborative has extensive experience working with many state agencies to better leverage their data to support their citizens. We’ve led initiatives to gather, manage, analyze and secure data from across various agencies that has resulted in award winning analytics solutions that both help improve processes and provide transparency to constituents.  Two such efforts were:

  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Education, Edwin Analytics Program, Digital Government Innovations award
  • Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, MBTA 360 Program, Digital Government Operations Excellence award.

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