Are you prepared to compete in an era of constant change and disruption?
From wealth management firms to global custodian banks, companies like yours face unprecedented levels of change, competitive pressure, and regulatory scrutiny—even as mitigating financial and reputational risk becomes increasingly challenging. Fueled by increased demand for seamless customer experiences and “anytime, anywhere, any way” data access, financial technology start-ups and other “FinTech” innovators are redefining how financial products and services are structured, delivered, and consumed.

Financial-Services-1Adapt with agility to meet demands for more access, convenience, and value
How will you manage this rapid pace of change, overcome competitive and regulatory pressures, and position your firm for growth? Turn to the experts at Collaborative to architect, implement, and support “future-ready” solutions and services with the flexibility to quickly respond to changing market demands, industry trends, and disruptive innovation. And by integrating carefully selected technologies, informed business practices, and optimized product and channel strategies—we’ll help you deliver the compelling digital products and services you need to compete.

Make more responsive business decisions with fact-based analytical insights
Achieving competitive advantage also requires timely, informed decision-making based on solid enterprise analytics. Do you have a reliable, holistic view of your business’ critical information assets? Let us design and build the information management, business intelligence (BI), and data analytics solutions you need to identify growth opportunities, improve customer experiences, increase cross-selling activities, and more. We can also create data management and governance frameworks to provide a “golden record” version of all the data from every system of record (SOR) across your enterprise.

Trust the experts with a record of success delivering business results
We know how critical and difficult it is to find a partner that fully understands the challenges and opportunities unique to your business and industry. At Collaborative, we make it easy to trust our experienced teams of financial services, digital technology, digital experience, and information management experts. Because they’ve proven their ability to deliver business value by successfully implementing hundreds of complex initiatives for more than 75 financial services firms.

Financial-Services-2Control costs, speed delivery, and ensure quality with proven methodologies
Based on best practices from nearly 20 years of experience in investment and wealth management, mutual fund, and other industry sectors, we’ve created a set of proven methodologies to streamline delivery, control costs, and ensure the highest quality solutions to your business challenges. And because we work together with you—from strategy to implementation and support—we only deliver “right-sized” solutions that directly align with project complexity and your unique business needs.

Choose onshoring: A cost-effective, high-quality delivery alternative
Our unique sourcing model pairs our experienced onsite consultants with skilled IT and industry resources from our rural, U.S.-based Collaborative Domestic Solution Center (CDSC) and Collaborative Waterville Delivery Center. Which means you get more cost-effective, accelerated delivery of your high-quality solution—with the same high levels of business value.



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