Case Study: Phase II: Executing the Integrated Launch Plan to Prepare a Mid-Size Biotechnology Company for Launch

Maxiom Group managed the execution of an integrated launch plan by providing project management support to a cross-functional client team and by developing a dashboard tool to track each function’s progress towards preparing the company for a successful commercial launch.

Client Situation

This emerging biotechnology company was planning to independently launch their first specialty drug in the United States and Europe. The client was less than a year away from a potential FDA label approval and needed to begin the implementation of the integrated launch plan that had been previously designed with Maxiom Group.


Maxiom Group initiated the execution of the integrated launch plan by meeting with each elected function representative of the Global Launch Team to create dashboard tools that represented the key milestones of their launch tasks. This dashboard tool was a high level roll-up of the plan and documented key milestones, timelines, business owners, collaborating departments and status designation for each milestone. Maxiom Group worked with each function on a biweekly basis to update all tasks, align with the related tasks of collaborating departments and to capture any resource gaps or delinquent tasks. Maxiom Group then worked with the necessary representatives to ensure that all departments were aligned and moving forward.

Maxiom Group supported the biweekly Global Launch Team meetings, which were a forum for function updates and issues, by aiding in the facilitation of the meetings and the documentation of all topics discussed. Maxiom Group was also responsible for providing summary reports to the Executive Leadership Team to highlight the progress and or key issues presented at the launch meetings.

View the Functional Launch Dashboard


Maxiom Group’s project management of the launch preparation enabled the client to establish all capabilities and infrastructure within the corporate launch timelines. The dashboard tool empowered the cross-functional launch team to visualize and track the critical launch tasks and promoted alignment between collaborating departments. Using this tool to present function updates at the Global Launch Team meetings allowed issues with timelines, tasks and resources to be highlighted and dealt with appropriately. This process instilled confidence in the team that they did not overlook any key elements of launch preparation.

Our project management support facilitated the awareness of significant launch accomplishments, issues and items for buy-in to the Executive Leadership team. This allowed all leaders to be aware of key decisions around infrastructure and resources, while creating a smooth path for completing launch tasks within corporate timelines. Due to Maxiom Group’s extensive involvement in the launch planning and implementation, we were able to provide knowledge and expertise in other launch preparation projects as well as support other function launch subgroups.

Sarah Bourgeois

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