BioPharma Supply Chain Conference Attracts Key Attendees with Relevant and Timely Topics

From October 9th to 12th, I attended LogiPharma 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.  Now in its 11th year, LogiPharma covers a comprehensive array of supply chain topics. Attendees included employees of biopharma companies in the functional areas of supply chain, quality, distribution, security, and compliance. Non-biopharma company attendees ranged from service providers for supply chain software, CMO, transportation, logistics, and consultants to government regulators from the FDA, TSA, and California Board of Pharmacy.

Each day of the Conference focused on a different area of concern for Supply Chain managers in the biopharma industry today:

Tuesday 9th – “Protecting Supply Chain Integrity”
Track and Trace readiness, leveraging traceability, integrating legislation, mitigating product theft risk, Eli Lilly Enfield case study on 2010 theft, epedigree and serialization, regulatory update on California 2015 serialization requirements, and a GS1 update

Wednesday 10th – “Managing Risk”
Risk management assessments, business continuity, drug shortage reporting requirements, FDA regulations, TSA cargo screening mandate, outsourcing specialty pharma products, improving supplier relationships, and analytical frameworks for supplier management

Thursday 11th – “Next Generation Logistics Optimization”
Benchmarking studies, inventory management, cold chain solutions, compliance, green initiatives, and implementation and planning strategies for new product lines

The Conference was a fantastic opportunity for educational lectures and networking. This particular Conference is the best event for biopharma supply chain professionals and consultants to update themselves of the latest technology practices and regulatory events happening in the industry.

Julia Wiest

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