Collaborative Consulting provides a broad range of strategic and technology services and ongoing support for companies across industries. From a game-changing launch for a global components manufacturer, to the seamless transition from research to commercialization for an emerging life sciences company, to standing up an entirely new business for one of the industry’s leading financial institutions, we partner with clients to design tailored solutions for your most complex business challenges.


Collaborative Domestic Solution Center

Collaborative Domestic Solution Center (CDSC) is an alternative model to offshoring that provides the benefits of an onshore team with a competitive price point. Often called onshoring, rural sourcing and other names, domestic sourcing is an ideal solution for tackling jobs that require tight collaboration, immediate and concise communication, sensitive timelines, business understanding, and superior quality.

Today there are new opportunities to capitalize on the quality, capability, speed, and ease of collaboration of a U.S.-based workforce while balancing cost.

Located no more than two time zones away from any continental US location, the CDSC is able to tackle jobs that require tight collaboration, immediate and concise communication, sensitive timelines, business understanding, and superior quality that is difficult to accomplish in other models.

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Collaborative has set the standard of excellence in the areas of Business Process and Program Management, Information Management, Software Development, and Software Performance and Quality as well as focused services targeted at the life sciences and financial services industries. Collaborative projects range from highly specialized, mission and time-critical initiatives to ongoing support and managed outsourcing engagements.

Being a Collaborative employee means being a highly motivated, goal-oriented professional. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry and strive for excellence in everything we do. As a team member, you have the opportunity to grow your career and be part of something significant. Collaborative encourages you to learn from your peers and share your insights and expertise while working in a fast-paced energetic environment. Our people have a plan for career development and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership at every level.



sharepoint feature

SharePoint Perspectives: Maybe Instead of Calling It “Search” We Should Call It “Find”

In the modern enterprise’s website, be it market or employee facing, content is sprawling. The files are diverse and many. As users look for information, they may be looking through thousands of documents, huge employee directories, massive databases, third-party content, discussion boards and countless other pieces of information. Usually, it’s too much and web designers rely on taxonomy and menu [. . .]

low tire pressure

APM : Application Performance Management or Air Pressure Monitoring

A good way to think about APM or Application Performance Management is that it serves the same role in an enterprise as TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) serve in modern cars. TPMS provides constant monitoring of the tire pressure and alerts the driver of a low tire pressure situation with a prominent warning on the dashboard. APM constantly monitors the health of transactions and warns via dashboar [. . .]


Thoughts on Thanksgiving Online Performance

It should be pointed out that this year a lot of the online stores turned Black Friday and Cyber Monday into cyber weeks.  Gone is the excitement of grabbing the newspaper circulars to find details behind the deals. Weeks ahead, stores now "leak" their deals, sometimes starting the day after Halloween, third party sites evaluate the deals, and floods of email announcements let people plan their shopping [. . .]