At Collaborative Consulting, we get it—IT solutions, services, and support must be fulfilled with your greater business in mind. That’s why leading life science enterprises, financial institutions, public sector organizations, and other industries turn to us to create applications, business intelligence environments, technology platforms, and support solutions that not only work technically, but work productively toward our clients’ most important goals.


Implementing Value

A true “solution” is a more than a technical accomplishment—it’s a practical achievement that should be as efficient as it is effective. Instead of applying the brute force methods of the behemoth service providers, Collaborative lives up to its name, building partnerships that integrate local experts, technology accelerators, and our own brand of remote delivery into coordinated implementations that deliver value.

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Collaborative has set the standard of excellence in the areas of Business Process and Program Management, Information Management, Software Development, and Software Performance and Quality as well as focused services targeted at the life sciences and financial services industries. Collaborative projects range from highly specialized, mission and time-critical initiatives to ongoing support and managed outsourcing engagements.

Being a Collaborative employee means being a highly motivated, goal-oriented professional. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry and strive for excellence in everything we do. As a team member, you have the opportunity to grow your career and be part of something significant. Collaborative encourages you to learn from your peers and share your insights and expertise while working in a fast-paced energetic environment. Our people have a plan for career development and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership at every level.



Is your data center agile enough to weather the storms in the cloud?

There are things we tend to take for granted in our everyday lives. We have certain expectations that do not even have to be spoken, they are just a given. If you walk into a room and turn on the light switch, the lights will go on, it’s assumed. If you turn the water faucet on, water will come out, if you pick up the telephone, there will be a dial tone. The concept of any of those things not happening [. . .]

bio it 15

Q&A: Jim Baxter Discusses BioIT World 2015 and the Life Sciences Practice

Q&A: A Conversation with Collaborative Consulting’s Jim Baxter Jim Baxter is Head of the Life Sciences Practice at Collaborative Consulting. Based in Collaborative’s corporate office in Burlington, MA, Baxter oversees Collaborative’s Life Sciences services portfolio and works directly with biotech and pharmaceutical clients to deliver technology strategy and solutions. Jim, tell us brief [. . .]

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Containers, and cloud, and security – oh my!

Dorothy the CIO was walking the yellow brick road of planning. She was on her way to the Emerald City to ask the great wizard of the agile data center for advice. Along the way she met two other CIO’s who joined her on the journey, nicknamed Tin Man and Scarecrow. Their travels brought them to the edge of the dark forest of datacenter hype and fear. ‘‘Do you think we’ll meet any wild technologi [. . .]